Anthony Reyes

Anthony Reyes
Application Engineer (Chief Draftsman).

    Currently obtaining a four year undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.(BS/ENV.S) Southern California campus at Costa Mesa.

Also, maintained 12 years consecutively with Ketiv Technologies in Orange County, California. Auto-Desk technical engineering staff. 

  • Auto-desk Inventor Professional, (Stress Analysis and Routing Systems).
  • Auto-desk Civil 3-D. (Trimble Robotic S-6 Survey Instrument).
  • Mechanical Designing, (Structural and Architectural).
  • Auto-desk (Showcase and Presentation).

Trimble Robotic S-6 Survey Instrument. (Certified).

Surveying Instrument

Topographic Surveying Instrument of purpose to cover up to 1 to 10 acres of land. 

While Auto desk Civil 3-D engineering application achieves accurate depiction for the working area surveying storm water flow. 

Data collector also measures distances/angles to exhibit grades, crowns, and elevations.


With 20 (+/-) years experience drafting on board and now using engineering applications by Auto-Desk, I am Certified by Auto-Desk every year, one faculty member inside my University once told me "If you want to be good at your profession, you must share the knowledge to others" I will cultivate with peers and share all academic accomplishments, work experience, and information to new members participating in the working environment. 
Thank you.

Team Collaboration

    Teamwork and collaboration are the qualification to work together toward a common design. The ability to direct personal renderings toward reconciling objectives. It is the energy that projects common people to attain uncommon results.

Assemly Lines

Assembly Lines
Rendered assembly lines are good representations for designing large units in the working field. Concise and accurate designing are key elements-for Engineers.

Anthony Reyes IRN: 9046887025
University of Phoenix (Campus)

Most importantly, enjoy contributing to engineering provisions with my colleagues, co-workers, and collaborators.  I am currently working on my website, this site will be completed shortly, I appreciate your consideration and patients.

Thank you for visiting.

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